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Capel Rugs

Capel Rugs at Vegas Market Live

Capel Rugs is a braided rug manufacturer based in Troy, NC. In 1917, an industrious 17- year-old North Carolinian named A. Leon Capel started a company manufacturing mule plow lines and ropes. He named his company Gee-Haw, because mules back then had a language all their own: “Gee” for turn right, “Haw” for turn left, “Whoa” for stop and “Git Up” for go. He later transitioned from plow lines and ropes to rugs due to the sudden surge in motorized tractors taking the place of traditional mule driven plows. Capel has been making Braided rugs since 1917 and—after more than 100 years—we’re really good at it! We may be new to you, but we've been making impeccably stylish, beautifully designed braids for over a hundred years. New materials and mills were soon added, his children and grandchildren learned the rug trade and the company branched out from braids to other high-quality imported collections. Today Capel manufactures indoor and outdoor rugs here in the USA and sources materials and rugs from across the globe. They offer various sizes and shapes for residential use.

Contact Capel Rugs direct at or (704) 526-7023

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